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KO Blade and Beauty is dedicated to providing a stress-free solution to your time consuming daily beauty routine. Our goal is to allow clients to enjoy the benefit of flawless brows while empowering them to embrace the benefits that self-care, beauty, and confidence have on overall well-being.

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Beautiful brows BEAUTIFUL BROW

Microblading, Ombre, and Combination!


Brow services consist of the use of semi-permanent pigment that is implanted via a type of tattooing technique to achieve the look of more full, shapely brows. Techniques used include microblading with shading and ombré brows.


Post-op care is important after cosmetic surgery to help reduce stiffness, decrease the buildup of fluid, decrease swelling, and speed up the healing process. This consists of manual lymphatic drainage massage which is a gentle technique that promotes the detoxification and movement of fluid through the lymphatic system where it will be removed from the body as waste via urine and stool. Removal of stitches drains, incisional drainage, needle aspiration of seromas and mild wound care are other more advanced services that may be necessary as part of post-op care depending on client needs. Massages usually start 24 hours post-op depending on surgeon recommendations and can take place daily during the first week, 2-3 times per week then weekly after surgery followed by intermittent maintenance massages and body sculpting to continue to mold the body and maintain results. Everyone’s healing process is different and the number of massages needed may vary. Fajas and post-op accessories also sold in-store and online.


Body sculpting uses non-invasive techniques to help decrease fat in problem areas in those close to ideal weight who have stubborn areas that just won’t seem to go away with diet and exercise alone. There is no downtime, no pain and these treatments can be used on those not interested in surgery as well as after surgery to help maintain results. A few Modalities used include laser lipo, ultrasound cavitation, radiofrequency, microcurrent, wood therapy & more. Several sessions are needed to see optimal results and must be done in addition to proper diet, adequate water intake, and regular exercise to achieve results. Modalities used in packages are individualized based on clients' needs.



A little about me THE ARTIST

I’m Kelly, “the Blade’n Beauty” and owner of KO Blade & Beauty. I have always loved healthcare and beauty equally. I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over a decade and a licensed Nurse Practitioner in Women’s Health and Psychiatry. I decided to have the best of both worlds and start my beauty career as a permanent makeup artist. I felt it was the perfect way to combine my two loves. I am a board-certified Permanent Makeup artist and have completed certification in Bloodborne Pathogens. I believe it’s very important that women (& men) take time away from their busy lives to partake in activities promoting self-care and to do what makes them feel beautiful inside and out – no matter what others have to say. Aside from being a business owner, Kelly works full-time at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital providing mental health services to female veterans. Working with women daily further validates her belief that self-care is an important part of preserving mental health. Kelly is the mother of two beautiful daughters and enjoys traveling, shopping and days off spending time with family and friends.