Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose those stubborn pounds that keep hanging on medically supervised weight loss might be ideal for you. We will tailor a program for you based on your health history and your weight loss goals.  Some of the offerings you can expect in our program include an initial medical evaluation by our licensed Nurse Practitioner to see if you are a good candidate nutrition counseling, EKG, labs, prescription medication, and/or vitamin injections if indicated. We encourage all clients to have recent lab work done by other provider printed prior to first appointment.  Reserve your consultation today and let a medical expert help you chart a path into looking your best!

Accelerate Your Weight Loss with Semaglutide Injections

With years of proven results, semaglutide injections not only boost the weight loss process, but also offer a range of secondary health benefits such as lower blood pressure, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, and improved mobility. Semaglutide (generic of branded Wegovy and Ozempic) may be a great alternative to other weight loss medications that were either ineffective of caused side effects.

Results as Quickly as the First Week

Our patients have lost as much as four pounds or more within the first week of their semaglutide weight loss injections. The most encouraging results we see are when the treatment sessions are coupled with diet and exercise as well as full adherence to any wellness coaching directions. 

Regulating the Mild Side Effects

To minimize any side effects while acclimating your body to the injections, we build up your dosage over time. While most patients experience a smooth treatment process, some of the common side effects can include constipation and nausea. Through an initial consultation with our dedicated K.O. Blade and Beauty family, we can walk you through exactly what to expect. 

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